Quality & Certifications


Since the creation of Sicame Energie, the quality of the products delivered to the customers is at the heart of our priorities. Sicame Energie has a quality management system certified ISO 9001-2015. Its quality management system ensures traceability, verification, calibration, repair of test and measurement instruments and continuous improvement. The quality manual is available at the request of customers.

The products are certified according to international standards. Homologation, Certification and qualification tests are offered at the request of customers by its technical team.

Fields of expertise:


·    Dimensional analysis according to the product design

·    Electrical aging test according to CSA C57 or ANSI C119.4

·    Mechanical tests according to ASTM C83.17, CSA C57 or ANSI C119.4

·    Embrittlement test according to ASTM A143.

·    Surface finish inspection to ASTM A153, A123, B545 and CSA G164.

·    Magnetoscopy controls according to ASTM E709 and ASTM A275

·    Hardness validation of materials according to ASTM E10 or ASTM E18

·    Charpy test according to ASTM A370

·    Weld inspection by penetrant testing in accordance with CSA W59.2 ASTM E165

As part of its operations, Sicame Energie offers:

Validation of the authenticity of materials by chemical and mechanical analysis;

The traceability of the product by:

·    Documentation

·    Lot of Raw Material

·    Lot of Heat Treatment

·    Lot of Galvanization

             - Dimensional inspection according to the product quality plan

             - Certificates of conformity

Our customers require our compliance with a very wide range of certifications. The most common are:

·    ISO 9001: 2015

·    CSA 47.1 Division 2

·    CSA 47.2 Division 2

All of our employees receive training to ensure that their work complies with the client's requirements. In addition, many are also certified by outside organizations such as our welders who are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

In addition, our laboratory is one of the most complete in America, has all the equipment to validate the performance of the products with its traction benches, its high voltage cage and our aging stations; This allows us to quickly validate the performance of our products.

Quality & Certifications

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