Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

IPE is defined as any device or means intended to be worn or held by a person for the purpose of protecting it against one or more risks likely to endanger its safety or security. This category includes all our clothes Arc Flash

An electric arc is the result of a short circuit. It produces almost instantly effects whose consequences are often dramatic. Adequate protection is required to prevent serious accidents.
- The heat energy released, proportional to the voltage, the intensity, the duration of the fault, can reach considerable values ​​(19000 ° C) melting the metal, charring insulators ...

- Blast effect caused by the very rapid release of energy in a limited volume of air (similar to an explosion).
- Light effect with high ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
- Ionization effect that can activate the arc phenomenon on other nearby active parts.
- In the event of an electric arc, thermally resistant clothing must be used.

They must comply with IEC 61482-2.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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