Founded in 1955 by Basile Lachaud in Pompadour France, SICAME grew internally and through acquisitions that gradually gave it an international dimension. The Group experienced a fast growth with the increased use of electricity around the world. It is now an international group implemented in 24 countries and selling products in 170 countries with more than 3200 employees.

The SICAME Group is a recognized worldwide leader specialised in products and services linked to the transport and distribution of electricity as well as to systems, safety equipment and associated tools. The Group’s products and markets are organized into Strategic Business Areas: energy transmission networks, overhead distribution networks, underground distribution networks, electrical safety and protection, compression tools & terminations, domestic and tertiary, railways, renewable energies.  

The group has been present in the North American market for more than 30 years, thanks to its engineering and manufacturing operations in the USA and Canada.

With its decades of experience and with our recognized expertise, SICAME Group offers one of the most complete product range for public enterprises in electricity and telecommunications as well as by electrical installers, automotive, aerospace and rail companies.

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