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How to choose your pole?

Guide to choose your boom according to your environment. With our experience and taking into account the standards in force, the types of poles and the quality of tubes, we propose you the following approach *:

1 - Know the nominal voltage
2 - Estimate the working distance between the operator and the driver

Attention, this distance varies according to the operating mode used (ground work, a nacelle, a structure, etc ...).
Note: When choosing the length of the pole, do not forget to subtract the wingspan from the operator's doors.
Example: Online, the driver is 5 m above the ground. The operator working from the ground will use a 3.5 m pole. Indeed, the person raising the arms to a wingspan of about 1.5 m. 5 m - 1.5 m = 3.5 m length of pole.

3 - Calculate the minimum safety distance to the rated voltage.
To do this, we advise you never to choose a pole whose part after the handguard (or the limit position of the hands) would be lower than:

χ kV = χ cm.

Mnemonic means: 10 kV = 10 cm.

Example: for a voltage of 10 kV, the insulation length of the pole should be at least 10 cm.
Note: this equivalence refers to standardized tubes NF EN 60855-1 or NF EN 61235 and out of hand.
To select your boom, choose it based on:
- characteristic 1, nominal voltage
- the most restrictive characteristic (the longest) between the working distance 2 and the minimum safety distance 3.

* For all specific cases, do not hesitate to contact us.

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