Calibration and Verification of Safety Equipment

Re-Certification of electrical safety equipment

Cicame-Energie offers a service of dielectric re-certification for safety equipment. To that effect, we have developed tools and certification techniques compliant to the ASTM norms for each equipment. Our on-line data base system allows us to offer an added service value; the test results can be consulted at any time, through an intelligent phone, and provide the full history of certification of a given equipment.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of equipment which we re-certify:

- Insulated gloves

- Insulated perch

- Voltage detector

- Ammeter

- Multimeter

- Short-circuiting and earthing systems

- Bucket truck

- Arc-Flash protective clothing and helmet

- Shunt

- Harness – Life line

- Insulating mats

- Insulating plateform

- etc.

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Calibration and Verification of Safety Equipment

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