Posted on 04/17/2020  In: News & Events  

EESmart Acquisition

Sicame Group, world leader in accessories and services related to the transmission and distribution of electric energy, confirms its strategy of development in new technologies and smart grids with the acquisition of "eeSmart", a startup specialized in energy efficiency of

residential, tertiary and industrial sites.

For Sicame Group, this first acquisition is part of its strategic innovation strategy, reinforcing its ambition to accelerate the development of solutions related to IoT, electric mobility, energy management and public space. The eeSmart team will also reinforce the Sicame IoTteam by bringing new know-how.

Founded in 2016 and located in Poitiers, eeSmart has a wide range of hardware and software solutions ranging from consumption and production monitoring, adapted in particular to Linky smart meters, energy management of public facilities, marina kiosks, and charging stations for electric vehicles.


With its expertise in the field of monitoring energy flows and optimizing energy uses, eeSmart offers its customers high-performance business solutions.

The integration into the Sicame Group will allow eeSmart to take advantage of the industrial, financial and commercial means necessary for its development both in France and abroad.

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